What is it Website and Email Hosting? What is SSL?

In this article, we will be discussing these three questions in detail.

  1. What is WordPress web hosting?
  2. What is SSL?
  3. What is email hosting?

Let’s start with the WordPress website hosting first, which is the service that we offer and how it can help you and your business perform professionally.

What is WordPress Website Hosting?

WordPress web hosting is about hosting a WordPress managed website or web page on internet cloud servers. So, for example, if you have bought hosting service for your site, you have made your site accessible to your visitors by making it available on the internet.

Think of it this way. You can not just leave your website files on your computer and be found on the Internet. Even though you can access the Internet from your computer, it is generally not accessable from other visitors around the world. Therefore you will need to upload your website files to an Internet server, also could be known as the “cloud” these days. These servers are dedicated and connected to the Internet so that they can be accessed by the public 24/7.

There are various types of website hosting. We offer you a secure managed web hosting, which is the full package for a WordPress user. Whatever you can think of regarding managing your WordPress website, this hosting can satisfy most of your needs. It is secure, comes with customer support, website maintenance, backups, fast loading times, and many other important features. Also, you will have unlimited bandwidth allocated just for your website/s.

Since full managed hosting is feature-packed, the costs are generally on the higher side. However we offer affordable managed web hosting, which is best suited for small – medium businesses. Where managing a website can be a bit of headache because of the workload or limitations of time, leave the technical side of web hosting to us.

What is SSL?

You may have come across a term named SSL somewhere on the internet. But what is SSL? SSL is short of Secure Sockets Layer. These are protocols that ensure a secure connection between a server and a client, the server being a website and the client being a web browser.

Why is SSL necessary? The answer is simple, take the example of a bank. If a bank doesn’t have a security system of its own, then the risk of an attack by bad people would always seem imminent. Similar is the case with websites where the exchange of some important data takes place on a large scale. Hence, to make your payments secure and not let access to your login credentials or other sensitive pieces of information, SSL comes as a savior. It encrypts and ensures an authenticated web session with the help of that public key and private key pair.

But don’t worry to much about the technicallitie, all you need to know is how to identify if a website has SSL applied. As a user who is browsing a website, it is easy to spot whether that certain website has SSL certification or not. A number of indicators such as a lock logo or “https” text at the beginning of a URL indicate that you are accessing a safer website.

A secure website (in the browser URL bar)

A Not secure website (in the browser URL bar)

Depending on the web host, it isn’t easy to apply an SSL certificate to your website. But we can help you. In fact with our managed web hosting service we provide free SSL. Let us know if you need a hand with applying SSL to your website.

What is Email Hosting?

Have you ever received an email from an address such as ‘person@company.com’ and wondered how that person got an email of such format? If yes, then this part of this article will help you in understanding the perks of professional email hosting, its types, and why it is used and crucial for any serious business.

Most of us are well familiar with Gmail, Microsoft’s Email (Outlook/Hotmail), and Yahoo mail, etc. These are all types of free email hosting, that’s right. A free email hosting satisfies almost all the needs of a general user, most of which are sending or receiving emails, documents or newsletters..

Professional email hosting is like the managed web hosting, its paid and comes with more features than those free hosted email addresses. The paid features can vary ranging from increased storage space, enhanced spam and virus protection.

Professional email hosting as mentioned before comes with custom email addresses i.e. yourname@yourcompany.com.au. The ‘yourcompany.com.au’ in this case will be the domain name of the website for which you want your email to be hosted.

Now you might be asking if I already have Gmail or some other free email hosting, why should I bother and pay for a professional email hosting service? The answer is simple: If you own a professional business or company then you must be seen to communicate with a professional email address.

Think of it as handing out profesional business cards versus giving someone a piece of ripped paper with your message and contact details. That’s exactly why having a professional email address is important.

Paid hosting is the way to go, however it can be a bit troublesome to setup up. That is where we are here to help and offer 1 free professional email address with unlimited storage with every web hosting package. Additional email addresses can be attached should your business need multiple email addresses for an affordable price.

I hope that this article has helped in answering three important questions every small business should understand when setting up a website. If you require further assistance in understanding or would like to know further about our secure and managed WordPress website hosting, please feel free to contact us below today.

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