Content is king, and if you have ever been or read about the digitial marketing space then you will have heard that these days it’s all about the dynamic content on your website. Which basically means don’t just build a site and leave it there to rot, and make sure you are putting new material on your website at least each month. This is where article marketing comes in and for most small business owners it’s a simple and low cost way of either making money from your website or advertising and adding credibility to your business.

Article Marketing is really for anyone who is selling their own product, is an affiliate or wants to get traffic to a website. And even though video is one of main ways we consume information these days, articles just like books will still be read forever and for technical reasons articles are found easier by Googles search engine due to their textual nature.

Here’s how it can work for your online business: You write keyword and search engine optimized articles about your industry or niche. Then you simply submit them to popular article websites or just your own website. Once search engines find your articles, people will be able to read your expertise from your articles with the aim to turn the readers into either new business or online sales.

Although article marketing has been around for years and there are already billions of articles floating around the web, there is plenty of room for everyone to write and publish your ideas and advice online. This allows you to build your SEO credibility with Google and your readers with fresh content plus ultimately make you more money.

Why is it called Article Marketing?

Well writing articles to market products is supposed to be so easy that absolutely anyone can do it. I recommend it to everyone including tradies, who most of the time believe they don’t need too and the don’t follow through on my advice. But think about the credibility of you an electrician that goes to fix something at your home, and then talks about an initiate that could save you money in electricity. The electrician then simply sends the article from his website to his customers and they instantly see the electricians expertise, who can now make more money from those customers.

The only cost is your time really and you don’t have to be a journalist, or have a degree in English literature, you just need to show that you are trying to give great advice or guidance. And if you really don’t want to make the time or are just hopeless at writing altogether, you could even outsources it for a few bucks.

The main benefits of articles marketing …

  • You can use it to drive free traffic to your website
  • Allows you to make money/sales online directly to your products or services
  • Costs little (your time or outsourcing) or no money at all.
  • Very low risk, no big investments required.

The right articles can pay you for life – i.e. Just one article alone can create constant traffic to your website because it’s on the number 1 page of Google for very popular keywords and now you basically have a free sales man out their promoting your website and making you sales.

One of the main goals of Article Marketing is to get your articles onto the first page of Google, Yahoo, Bing and others search engines. The easiest way to accomplish this is by writing keyword rich articles for keywords that aren’t too overpopulated. A placement on Google’s first page will assure that your article will be one of the first seen whenever someone searches for the keyword or niche your article is targeting.

Remember you can update your blog with new articles as often as you like. Search engine spiders are attracted to blogs because of the new bits of information that are added to it every day or week. Since, search engines love blogs with new content it’s a super simple and easy to get loads of extra traffic to your website and earn more money from it… and any business can do it.

Is Quantity Better Than Quality?

So we talked about how Article marketing can benefit small business owners? If your business is informational or service based then article marketing can be of huge advantage too you. If you have a business that sells or refers a product then article marketing can also help you boost your online sales, but how can you start writing articles and is the quantity of your articles more important that the quality? We’ll try and answer that for you in this article.

How much to write

Firstly I think article marketing method is method where where quality can beat quantity, but I think it’s important to focus on both. It’s about writing lots of articles over the years, and I would use it as a long term marketing strategy rather than a quick cash fix. Writing decent quality articles that are readable, make a point, and get customers to buy are a fantastic way to ensure future traffic to your website. Your articles need to be very informative, but they do not have to be written by an English teacher.

Frequency is important so I would aim for around 2-4 articles per month to start with. Aim for 800-2000 word article if your frequency is less. But if more articles are better and you can schedule it in then aim for 2-3 per week. Aim for 500 to 1000 word articles if you plan on this.

What to write about

To show that you know what you’re talking about in your business, obviously only choose to write about and promote products which are based around a subject that you are comfortable with. If you don’t know anything about solar power as an electrician then how can you write an article about it without a lot of research and a lot of wasted time? Write about what you know best and then you can just sit down and start writing with little to no extra research required.

Write “how to” or “tip” related articles. If you’re writing an article about a red widget that saves time, then your article could be on “How to Save Time” or “5 Time Saving Tips” where you would provide the content and then introduce the red widget that you sell at the end as the solution either in the content of the article. You can also simply write a review of the product or service that you are promoting or an experience or story with that product.

Getting started

Write at least 3 articles and get used to writing quickly. Don’t over analyse what you’re writing about or if it’s perfect as this is what stops most people, believing that an article has to be good enough for the local newspaper. Try writing your articles in Google Docs or Microsoft word for automatic spelling and gramer checks. Then just copy and paste them into your blogs or relevant article directories.

Remember, practice makes perfect, so as you get more experienced you’ll get quicker at it. But like I said be sure to re-read your articles after you have spell check and before submitting, humans will be reading your work after all.

The other thing to remember is that if you are promoting a product or service, don’t forget to link back to the product page or contact page of some sorts. This is generally called a call to action and is extremely important, so that the reader has an easy option to follow after they have read your advice, review or guidance. The ultimate goal here is to create traffic to your products and service so that your business can make more money.

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