It’s easier than you think. If you have been using gmail for your small business forever and have finally upgrade to a professional domain email address, you might want to forward all your email in gmail to your email address. Although this isn’t really necessary if you are still going to use the Gmail application to send and receive email from your new professional address, Learning how to forward and email in Gmail is more applicable if you are going to start using a new mail reading application like Outlook.

Step 1) Click Cog icon (top right) > Click Settings


Step 2) Select Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab > Click Add a forwarding address


Step 3) Add the email address you want to forward to and click Next


Step 4) Click Proceed at the prompt


Step 5) Open a new tab > Go check your the email address that you want to forward too, for the confirmation link or verification code.

From the email you can either click the link to confirm or copy the code and paste in the verify field.

Confirm for forward.


Step 6) Verify that forwarding has been added and choose the options you want to forward with.


There you have it. If you ever want to disable forwarding in the future, simply go back to the Gmail settings (cog) > Click Forwarding and POP/IMAP > Click Disable forwarding (as in the pic above). Now you have setup email forwarding in Gmail you will no longer have to check both inboxes, so you can always continue to send and receive from your new professional email address.