Now that you have built a website all you need is traffic. Having a website alone is not enough, it’s like building a shop in the middle of no where and then never promoting your shop. Your website is amongst millions of websites online, so promotion is an absolute must. Here are five ways how to build links to your website for free and in turn increase sales and leads.

1. Directory Submissions

As soon as you have established your site, submit it to the two major directories – Google and Bing.

Submit your website to Google
Submit your website to Bing

Then do a search for “website directories” around and submit them to as many as you can. You can also search for your niche specific directories or local classified sites. Most directories are free (or at least they start for free) so take advantage of these valuable incoming links. Aim to submit to your website to around one web directory per week.

2. Write Articles

Writing articles in your niche will show audiences of other websites that your are an expert in the field. At the same time it can provide you with valuable one way links back to your site once the reader has been impressed by your initial articles. The benefit of starting with article directories is that they already have traffic and an audience.

Free article directories like is the perfect place to start. If this is your strategy then I would aim for at least one article per week per directory.

3. Social Posting

Sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Digg, Reddit are great for adding value too peoples lives and at the same time putting a link to your website. Similar to article writing however much more popular these days, people with the same interests can view your post which gets linked directly to your website.

Many social platforms also give the opportunity to allow people to give your site ratings and post to your own specific business page. If your niche is popular then, socially bookmarking and promoting your site via social may equal many more views of your website and sales.

Most people are on Facebook these days, so if you have a personal Facebook page, I would start there and add 1-2 quality posts per week with a link back to you website. Then work on a more formal and comprehensive social strategy from there.

4. Start Blogging

Even though this slips in at fourth on the list, I would almost say it’s one of the most important. This is because whatever you blog on your website is there to stay for years to come. It can be ranked by search engines and no one can remove it. There are also no restrictions on what you post.

The other benefits to blogging is that it is a great and easy way to keep your website up to date. The search engines love fresh material, so when you make a post to your blog, certain functionality will notify the search engines and other directories that you have posted new content ready for your readers to consume and then buy if they link what you’re selling. I would aim for at least 1 blog post per week.

If you don’t know how or what to do with your blog then I would highly recommend you give Wealthy Affiliate a go.

5. Video submissions

With the power of the Internet these days more people are watching video and choosing to view how to do things via video, rather than read about it.

This is the perfect opportunity for you to create a helpful videos and upload it to sites such as YouTube, where you can once again point a link back to your website. Videos are one of my most preferred strategies to gaining free traffic to your website in 2017, and I aim for at least one video per week on my channels.

Remember, building links to your site is useful for two main reasons. One, to build traffic to your site and two, to increase your site ranking in the eyes of the search engines. The law of averages like most things in business applies here. Meaning the more valid and credible links to you website the more traffic you have the more sales, simple really.

These are just some easy ways how to build links back to your website for free. When people search for what you have to offer on Internet your site will be higher ranked and appear higher in the search results. I would recommend to start building at least two links per day to your site using any of the methods above (or a combination of), and within a few months you should see a good stream of traffic back to it, which will equate to bottom line sales.