Do you want to build a better relationship with your customers and eventually make more money? If the answer is yes, then here is how to build and opt in list, that can help you make more sales from clients year to year. You don’t have to be limited to just one sale from a visitor, having a relevant and up to date client list via emails can allow you to keep in touch and make more money over time.

First of all if you don’t know what an opt in list is, then it’s simply the ability to store your customers or potential customers (visitors) email addresses, and send them a series of automated emails (that you pre-setup), that offer the customer useful information/guidance, promotions or just a nice story relevant to your audience.

Firstly however, you’ll need to sign up with a reputable company that facilitates and manages the email marketing for you. I recommend Aweber, Mailchimp or GetResponse as they’ve been the easiest to setup for small business and really have been the main players in this space for years. They basically all have a free starter account, so go ahead and sign up to one. Personally I use Mailchimp these days, as I like the interface and their free account was the best offered when I signed up. I’ve also used Aweber and GetResponse in the past, but I just like the simplicity of Aweber these days. You can either setup a landing page from these email marketing services or you can embed a form which directly links to them from your website.

Aweber logoGetResponse Logo Mailchimp logo

Secondly, you will need to setup some autoresponder emails. I would recommend you write these first in Google Docs or Word, so that they can be spell/grammer checked, and that you have them stored elsewhere, just in case. Start by writing maybe 5 pre-written emails. For example, as soon as a visitor signs up, they may receive 2 emails in the first week, then another two in the second and then to keep in touch send them 1 email per week. Once you have planned you emails and signed up to the email marketing service of your choice, and setup (copy and pasted from docs) your first few informative emails that will be sent to the people that sign up, here is how you start building your optin list.

Starting to write articles is an effective strategy for building a list. Articles can be published on your blog, or attached to a video on YouTube, or even sent to another relevant website that agrees to post your content with specific links going back to to your website. This serves as a great introduction to potential subscribers that would encourage them to sign up for an opt in list.

Joint ventures are also a valuable strategy in building opt in list. Joint ventures are a hundred percent free and at the same time can add up to hundreds of subscribers to an opt in list daily. You may have a joint venture with a business that cross promotes each others services/products. So once thay company promotes your website, visitors from their client base will come across to your website and opt-in to you list. Of course you would offer to return the favour with your JV partners.

Participating in forums, social media posts where you’d have a link in your signature or posting from your business website allows visitors to be directed to your sign up page. Make sure your forum posts or social media posts and responses to comments are informative (not spam) and have a catchy signature line which encourages the reader to click it.

Once you have got a visitor on your website the next step is to convert that person into a subscriber. Readers of your website can then be encouraged to join by offering incentives to potential subscribers. This subtle form of encouragement for building opt in lists often helps stir the interest of potential subscribers to sign up more easily. Here is how – offer products and services in exchange for signing up is commonly practised. Products may include special e-books or software that would be of interest to the subscriber. Another way to get subscribers to sign up is to offer them special products of services that are only available for site members or even small discounts on your product line.

Regardless of the incentive used for building opt in list, the most important factor to consider is how to keep the interest of the subscriber. Make sure you keep in touch with your list weekly and offer them valuable information, not just sales letters.  Now you know how to start building and opt in list and a few methods to promote it, you too can benefit from employing the power of email marketing campaigns by building an opt-in list.