Writing articles is a very popular way these days to getting free traffic and publicity to your website. Many marketers and Website business owners can usually start off this, as it’s easy and usually can allow you to establish as the expert in your field. Here are 6 tips to make your articles more effective, when promoting your website.

1. Write articles between 500-2000 words

This is a good length range to get you listed within search engine, and more importantly will not bore your reader. It should provide you with enough text to give the reader enough information on what you do, so that they can click through to your website or buy your product or service if interested. Getting to the point is the key.

2. Write so that your grandma can understand it, and it’s flowing.

Use basic grammar, and ensure that your article brings out some sort of your personality. Check spelling and grammar, and the flow of your paragraphs. Don’t bore your audience. Provide enough information to make sure the reader has learnt something. Certain ways to capture your audience may include telling a story, giving a testimonial, or maybe reviewing a product or service.

3. Write articles like your emailing a friend

Pretend that you are writing an email, letter, or instructions to a friend. Make it easy for them to read, and give a personal touch so that you can connect with the readers emotions and really make the reader feel like they must finish reading your article and click though to your website sales pages or contact form.

4. Write about what your customer is looking for with Keywords

Think about what the customer would look for in search engines when researching your product. Then incorporate those keywords 2 – 3 times in your articles, making it easier to be found by search engines. You could also use a keyword research or a keyword suggestion tool to see what people may be searching for in relation to your product or service. Just make sure you use relevant keywords in your articles and titles. Ensure the keywords you use in writing articles are once in the title, once in the description, once in the introduction, once through the body and once in your conclusion.

5. Structure your article

The usual format might seem boring but it works. Start off by summarising your article in an introduction so this will ensure the reader will want to read on. Then write short relevant paragraphs and then conclude your article, making you customer feel that they would love to read more about you and what your promoting. You can also use list format exactly like this article.

6. Establish yourself in the Author/Resource Box

Make yourself be known as someone who has some sort of expertise in your field, by introducing yourself and a briefly with your experience. Then write an effective call to action to the reader, so that will want to know more and will click through the link to your great website.

It can be difficult at first to write great articles, but like everything the more you do the more it becomes easier and you become better at it. So stick to a plan of writing 1-2 articles per week to begin with by using the tips above and you will find that you will be writing quality traffic building content for your websites for the long term.