One of the most effective ways of free advertising is by writing an article or blog post for your website, like this one. With so many article distribution websites available these days, writing an article and linking it to your personal brand has never been easier. Constantly writing articles for your website however is what will truely pay you in the long run. Here are some article wrting tips for even more website traffic that will lead to ultimately more sales.

1) Article Length

Article length is important, to short and you’ll most likely not get the quota for most article sites; to long and you’ll just bore the reader. The ideal size of an effective article is 300-500 words. This allows the article to be of ideal size to be listed with the Search engines and just enough space to provide adequate information about a service or product your promoting. If you go longer that 500 words consider your target audience and if they would really read long form content in the thousands. If so that is fine but just be sure you writing quality content which is targeted to your end user.

2) Keyword Density

Your title is of equal importance. Search engine will look for keywords within your Title so make sure you insert your keywords in the title of the article, as well as once or twice in the body. If you’re hosting your own article then make sure your title (and keywords) are enclosed in the tag and keywords sections too. So for example the main keyword for this article is “Article Writing Tips”. Can you see it in the heading, first paragraph and well this paragraph because I had to make the point.

There used to be a time where keyword stuffing, i.e. having your keyword spread across the article like five or more time was acceptable, but those days are gone and I don’t think your article will get any more credit for trying to stuff you main keyword in too many times. When it come to your keyword density (how many occurrences of your main keyword) should be kept to one occurrence every 500 words which is sufficient enough for search engine recognition. Anymore and your article might be recognized as spam, any less and your article might not even get seen. As a general rule include your keywords once in the opening and once in the closing paragraphs.

3) Don’t look at it for the instant reward but rather a long term marketing strategy.

Finally, don’t bore your audience, tell a story, give a testimonial or write a review. When I started Internet marketing 10 years ago article writing was one of the sources of income I generated online and it worked. These days it’s a little harder to get found but when you promote it will help you. Having a great article based website is an asset, in fact I still get found these days from articles I wrote a few years back. Even though articles might take some time, invest 1-2 hour per week in it and think of it as building blocks for your online business. Write the right article and it could be enough to be found and generate all the sales you need. Provide enough valuable information to make the reader feel they have benefited from reading your article. Use basic grammar, make it easy to read and write it with your personal touch which will allow you to connect to the reader on a much more emotional level, therefore gaining greater respect and utlimately more traffic to your website.

Follow these basic but very important article writing tips and you’ll be on the way to more traffic, leads, clients or sales in no time. Don’t have a website to write articles about what you do yet? Start our free course on how to build a website in 60 minutes.